Superhydrophobic coatings

There’s a new technology on the market that promises to protect fabric from stains and repel water like nothing before. It’s called superhydrophobic coatings or nano-structured thin films.

That’s right, a water repellent protective coating made from nanotechnology. This isn’t science fiction any more, it’s a real technology that can be purchased by anybody.

The clear leader in this technology is a company called Nanex, which offers over five different coatings through their AquaShield brand. According to Nanex, what puts them ahead of all other superhydrophobic developers is that their AquaShield water repellent coatings are 100% transparent and are completely eco-friendly.

The video below provides a demonstration of water being repelled in a way that almost looks like magic. The superhydrophobic spray actually makes the water run from the surface.

Superhydrophobic coatings work by impregnating fabric or leather with billions of nano-sized polymers that once embedded create a surface that causes water to ball up and run. The same ability has been found in nature in the way that leaves repel water, also called the lotus effect. Because the polymers are on a nano-scale the now waterproof material is as breathable as it always was, and you can’t even feel the difference.

Written By Melissa Lewis

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