Is There Such Thing As A Painless Tooth Restoration?

It is the dream of so many, and so much time has been spent going after this dream within the dental community that it has finally become a reality! Truly painless tooth restorations are something that have been slightly out of reach for many years, and many people have avoided going to the dentist for years even though, for their health, they really should, for fear of the pain that always used to go alongside getting a filling or a similar tooth dental restoration. That horrible drilling sound, that high pitched whine, that terrible pressure, the pain . . . everything combines to create an experience that you would rather avoid rather than decide to go towards. Why sign up to a dental appointment when all it is going to do is bring you pain?

Well, thanks to a huge amount of time and research, it is now being argued that there is now a treatment option for painless tooth restorations available to anyone who goes to a dentist who is trained in the method. There are currently not that many dentists currently offering this method because it is so new which is why there is so much excitement about it, but of course there are going to be more and more people who are interested – who is going to say no to a painless treatment! So why does a tooth restoration hurt most of the time, and what clever techniques have they developed to prevent it?

To understand why dental restorations used to hurt in the past, you have to know how the pain would have been caused. When a dentist has to remove decay and bacteria from the tooth, it is naturally a destructive action, but it is done with the best intentions, and to remove the problems that it will develop in the future. If the bacteria is not removed then the tooth will eventually be lost and it will need to be removed. That is why the dentist has to be a little brutal, and take out the painful bacteria from the tooth. The patient certainly isn’t going to enjoy the experience, and in the years past, it used to be excruciating. You used to hear people screaming from the waiting room! No wonder so many people develop dental phobias.

And now things are different, because painless tooth restorations are now offered by an increasing number of dentists. The way that they have done this is by not only focusing on the pain relief itself, but the manner by which the bacteria is removed. The level of anaesthetics that have now been developed, and the ways that they are now administered, mean that for many people they do not even realize that it has been administered! Of course there is going to be an element of drooling and general numbness that lasts longer than the procedure itself, but wouldn’t you rather have a local anaesthetic that lasts a little too long than one that doesn’t last long enough?

If you are someone who needs to have a dental restoration, or you think that you will one in a few years, then we would definitely recommend that you think about chatting to a dentist who is fully trained and experienced in painless tooth restorations otherwise you could be opening yourself up for a whole world of pain. There are plenty of opportunities to speak to dentists in the area; just make sure that you do not compromise, and accept a painful treatment option when there are so many ways to prevent the pain!

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Written By Melissa Lewis