How to Hire a An Injury Lawyer for Elder Abuse Cases

Elder abuse is becoming more and more common, regardless of all the modifications and strictness in jurisdictions. In countries where education is a luxury, majority of population lives in rural areas with scarce facilities, and ethical values are violated because of the lack of guidance, elder abuse spreads like a viral disease.

Cases for elder abuse are not reported as frequently as they occur, and it’s because of the pressure, lack of confidence and support for the victim of abuse from his loved ones. Elder abuse normally takes place in personal relationships. And it can occur anywhere, such as home, school, hospital, day care center, even online.

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Kinds of Elder Abuse

There are 5 different types of elder abuse and neglect:

  1. Emotional Abuse
  2. Financial Abuse
  3. Physical Abuse
  4. Sexual Abuse
  5. Verbal Abuse

Laws in Canada are meant to support the victim of the abuse and there are quite a few personal injury lawyers and organizations for help. For example, GrilloPersonal Injury Lawyers in this particular area.

In this post, you will learn how to hire a personal injury lawyer Toronto in 3 simple steps.

What You Should Look For

  • Lawyer’s experience
  • His/her skill level,
  • The level of commitment
  • The location of his/her law firm
  • Fee structure

How to Choose

An experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer has experience and knowledge about type of abuse you’d experienced and he can determine the nature of abuse as tort or criminal act.

Here’s what you should do to choose the right lawyer for your case:

  • Conduct a background check
  • Take references, and
  • Track his record

What You Need to Ask

  • Years of practice in particular field

While all the personal injury lawyers in Toronto will have some information about elder abuse, you need the professional who has taken cases specific to your situation.

  • Experience with the type of injury you have suffered

It means, you want to know how much your Toronto personal injury lawyer knows about the procedures involved in collecting the rightful claims and remunerations for the victim.

  • Experience in collecting relevant information

The nature of the case can differ a great deal, as abuse can be of any nature and anyone can conduct it. Therefore, the lawyer needs to be on toes all the time to collect as much information as possible.

The lawyer can direct his/her representative to provide him with important documents, such as photographs of the scene, medical reports of the victim, nature of torture, contact information of the witnesses and other relevant stuff.


Abuse is not subject to physical contact.

  • The victim may be verbally forced to drink life threatening substance, or commit a dangerous act.
  • The victim must have been experiencing it for quite a while and he/she was not provided sufficient support to end such act. This amounts to negligence, and normally such issues are related to workplace harassment.
  • A victim may not explain the act in detail, as he/she is unable to speak, or unconscious.

Only the right personal injury lawyer with practice and experience can make sure you get just and rightful remuneration for the abuse.

Written By Melissa Lewis