Give Yourself A Full Body Cleanse

We have all come to that point in our lives when we realize that our bodies are just not happy. Whether it is because you have been working too hard and too many long hours, or because you have not been treating it very well due to bad diet and overindulging, or simply because life has finally got the better of you – you can feel it in your very bones. There’s something very worrying about feeling your body slowing down, those aches and pains that just do not go away, and that feeling that you have each morning like you have a hangover, even when you haven’t been drinking! What your body needs is a full body cleanse, and it is ridiculously easy to do.

First you need to consider carefully the drinks that you are consuming on a daily basis. When you have a large number of caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks in your daily diet, your body will never really be hydrated and so will constantly run at a slower pace. You will be able to tell whether or not you are properly hydrated by looking at the color of your urine – not a pleasant idea, of course, but it will quickly tell you how you’re doing! A darker yellow or green means that you are very dehydrated, and that means that your body is struggling to keep yourself healthy. Your concentration levels will be low, and you may struggle to sleep. Switching over to pure water, or water and juices, will dramatically improve the way that your body is able to deal with stress, and you will notice that your skin will get better too.

Secondly you need to focus on getting those toxins out of your body, because they are not doing your body any at all. There are a wide variety of ways that those toxins were able to enter your body, from the food that you ate to the air that you breathed in as you walked past all that pollution on your way to work. Although our bodies have got natural processes to remove those toxins, there is only a certain amount that it can get through because the body kind of gives up! The kidneys and the liver are there to help filter through any chemicals that should not be there, but they have a low tolerance and our modern world forces too much nastiness into our bodies. By using foot detox patches overnight you can easily remove those toxins, and as foot detox patches are very cost effective you can start to use them once a month.

Lastly and potentially most importantly, you need to consider your exercise plan – or get one, if you do not have one! Although most of us avoid any type of exercise, many people think of detoxing as lying around and not doing very much, but actually you have to be relatively proactive to be able to improve the way that your body feels, and that means taking up good habits as well as putting aside new ones. By trying out different kinds of exercise that you have never thought of before, you may find something that you enjoy that also keeps your body healthier and happier. Why not try something like Pilates or Zumba? Some of the best ways to exercise is to do it with people that you know so that you can encourage each other, and challenge each other! When you combine an increase in water, foot detox patches, and a better approach to exercise, you will see your body easily detox before you know it.


Written By Melissa Lewis