CARPET CLEANING – Clean Your Carpet Effectively With Ease

Carpet contributes a great deal towards the comfort level of a house, but at the same time it must be maintained all times to make it usable for a longer period of time. There are few secrets towards carpet cleaning methodology so as to make it in the right way and with minimum effort. The first thing is that if you have got a blot stain on your carpet, don’t rub it. It will make the condition even worse and it may damage the carpet. Firstly, you must use some absorbent material to remove the liquid that is suspended on the top of the carpet. The blotting paper if applied on stain, it will absorb maximum amount of fluid to make it clean. Rubbing may cause damage to the carpet fibre. You can also get some help at

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Removing other stains

In case you have to beer or wine stained you can use club soda, it is very effective for cleaning such kind of stains. Put some soda on the cloth or spray a bit on the carpet to then use the blot to absorb the content, after that let it sit for about fifteen minutes. This process is very effective in removing such kind of stains. Once it is made clear, then risen the area with some warm water and finally use some soft brush to clean that particular part. Towels can also be used as it absorb the dampness of the carpet. Leave both together for about a day till the carpet becomes dry enough for regular use.

Also, shaving cream is a very good cleaner for carpet stains. If you have some wine stains you can use shaving cream on it to clean it, put some shaving cream on it and leave it for about 30 minutes for settling. After that use a blot to remove it till it becomes dry enough. A clean and preferably white cloth should be used to make it clean otherwise there is a possibility that colour of cloth may get on the carpet making it even more dirty. After that use a part of vinegar and other part water on the stain area and wipe away the area with a clean and dry cloth, this will leave a fine and clean carpet again ready for use. You must take care of it from time to time to avoid any kind of damage to the carpet so that you can enjoy using it for a longer period of time.

Written By Melissa Lewis